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Some of my favorite Links on the Internet.  I have no financial affiliation with any of these sites.  These are the best of the best, IMO  

Updated 2/22/2019 - Just a warning, I haven't updated these links in several years, so my apologies if the links are dead - and not to sound like a pompous dickbag - but I the hottest website in the world is no match for your imagination.

Dominant Women I Like:

Size Vixen -- Misty has it all.  She is cute, mean, and creative.  Plus, she has a sexy voice.  Check out her excellent blog where she posts photos of unfortunate losers humiliating themselves.  UPDATE 2/22/19 - She now has a new site and sells excellent Femdom sph stories as well. 

The women of Men Are Slaves.  This underrated website continues to produce excellent quality Femdom Humiliation videos.  Their recent chasity video titled "He Hates Chastity" features two gorgeous and capable young Women putting a hapless male in his place. 

Ballbusting Links I Like:

Asian Mean Girls - Terrific new ballbusting site featuring the epic Ms Kirin.  She has made a couple of ballbusting videos.  Ms Kirin combines elegagance and a sharp tongue to absolutely destroy her hapless male charges.  Ms Mika is also terrific.  This is the best new ballbusting website of 2012.

American Mean Girls - Excellent site featuring ballbusting and other domestic femdom humiliation.  The girls on this site tend to be mean and hot,

Kicked And Abused -- Basically, this site does everything right.  The ballkicking is totally ferocious.  The verbal humiliation is excellent, though it depends on the Female in the video.  I recommend Goddess Alyse.  She's an absolutely stunning talent -- young, gorgeous, bitchy, and natural.  One of the hottest ballbusters you will ever come across, at the peak of her powers.

Velvet Kick -- Velvet Kick is one of the true pioneers of Femdom ballbusting.  It has been around for over ten years and continues to churn out high quality ballbusting videos.  The best thing about Velvet Kick is that it tends to focus on classier Ladies.  They also have a Velvet Kick Classic clips store as well.  Both are full of gems.  

Spikey Step -- Absolutely vicious, take-no-prisoners ballbusting, featuring some lovely and talented ballbusters, mostly from Europe and perhaps South America.  

Ballbusting Chicks DVD -- Featuring Empress Cruel, one of the most stunning and nasty ballbusters alive.  Empress Cruel is an older (35-40ish perhaps) German Woman, tall, dark hair, terrific body and a very nasty disposition.  "Wash your filthy cock" is highly recommended, as is "Talking and Practicing Smashing Balls."  

Brat Princess -- These are just regular American girls who have a knack for humiliating guys.  They do a nice job with ballbusting.  The video "Each Girl Gets 18 Kicks" is an essential part of any ballbusting aficianado's collection.

F/m Spanking Links I Like:

Institute of Feminine Discipline -- Great site based on future utopian society where Women dominate men and punish their bare bottoms severely when they get out of line.  If only this could really happen! Visit instituteoffemininediscipline.com or the sister site www.boardofcorrectivewomen.com.

Women Spanking Men -- In a surprisingly under-served category, these ladies are the queens, in my eyes, of no-nonsense, cfnm, otk spanking.  

Spanking My Husband -- With simple, elegant prose, Dierdre describes in intimate detail how she takes her husband over her lap and bisters his bottom to keep him in line, and to assert her inherent superiority over him.  Great blog.

Accountomax's Spanking Blog
 - Some great free content here.

Femdom Fiction Links I Like:

Mule's Femdom Site -- Mule is a pioneer when it comes to femdom fiction.  He has written some terrific stories and is a true expert on the subject.  If a nobel peace prize was handed down to submissive men, Mule would be my nominee.  His stories feature the themes we love -- cfnm, otk spanking, forced cum eating and just general sexual humiliation.  Do not be fooled by the title -- his stories do not contain animals.  

SmTales -- A nice story website managed by a good guy.  You can find many free stories from yours truly at this website - keywords: "James P"

Femdom Stories -- A simple, no-nonsense blog-style website that features excellent femdom stories and reviews from a thoughtful individual.  A good place for intelligent sub males to explore.  

Other favorite writers of mine, and people I consider influences, are the late, great Estragon, who can be found in searches.  Dr. Phil, whose story "Shame On You Mr. Hyde" is still one of the finest tales ever told.  adietrich, who can be found with certain searches, and had some fine work on infantilism and sissification.  And Jane Marwood, who has done some superb work on the subject of manual stimulation and control of the penis by Dominant Females.  

Sissy Links I like:

Vaneggio's Sissy Drawings -- These can be found, in short supply, at www.imagefap.com

Prissies Sissies -- Excellent artwork.  Sometimes Prissy doesn't take it far enough, but he does a good job of capturing some nice imagery.  He also should hire someone to write better captions.  I'm available if needed.  

Sardax:  Another good artist who does an above average job capturing the imagery of female domination. 

Forcedcrossdresserfantasies.com -- Very nice sissy illustrations.

Barbara O'Toole -- Her artwork is fabulous."  Her focus is on F/m Spanking and she is the best Femdom Medical illustrator in the history of Womankind.  She also does a limited amount of sissy imagery and it is superb.  


Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums - THE best femdom community discussion site. 

Dream Lover Labs -- This site advertises an electric add-on to male chastity devices that enables the Female to deliver via remote control "helpful" shocks to the most sensitive part of the penis and testicles.  They advertise themselves as "the ultimate male management device," and have produced a wonderful, nuanced website that will appeal greatly to male chastity fetishists.    Make sure you thoroughly investigate this site.  It is loaded with subtly wonderful material. 

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